VAWT - Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

We offer you a new Swedish model VAWT SET - wind generator of electrical energy with complete accessories for home and business use. All equipment are available in ALL IN ONE (VAWT + Electronics + Battery).

This set was designed according to well-defined parameters and technical modifications of every part of VAWT. It cannot be combined and edited by other equipment than was suggested by the manufacturer. In case of intervention in mechanical and electronic components we are not responsible for the warranty.

Connect the generator to what will be most useful. Power of the generator VAWT is limited only by the wind and selected number of batteries. When the wind above 1,2m/sec (3.9FPS) battery charging is permanent.

It is up to you, how many devices in your house will use power of the wind, according to the installed capacity and the number of batteries.If you have a strong wind, power of PMG can be increased. PMG Power: 1800W.

VAWT SET consists of the folowing units:

You don't need to think, combine and hunt for individual components to get the overall functionality of the wind turbine. This set is designed and optimized for a given power and his price matches power. Just do the first installation of the turbine and then, you only need to plug your appliance into an outlet, which is part of a distribution box.


A wind turbine is designed for maximum use even of the weakest wind. It has more effective air outflow from the inside of the turbine, because of the open upper and bottom parts, and there is no an accumulation of the air inside the construction. Generally, the speed of the inlet air must be faster than the output. In locations with rain or snow, the upper part of the turbine may be closed. Bent stator blades provide high stability of the construction and because of its shape "directs" air to the rotor blades. Because of this design, it wasn't necessary to use supplemental support frame.

Technical description of the VAWT:

  • efficient design of the rotor blades/stator
  • higher efficiency than the propeller blades
  • works even in turbulence
  • stator 1500mm / rotor 1000mm / height 1610mm / 118kg
  • minimal acoustic noise
  • maximum operating wind speed - 120km/hour (74.5MPH)
  • turbine construction is resistant to gale 160km/hour (100MPH)
  • higher efficiency than the propeller blades
  • movement of the blades even in low wind 0,1m/sec (0.32FPS)
  • designed for mounting on mast, straight or saddle area
  • design: aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass
  • design life: at least 20 years
  • possibility of turning the direction of rotation
  • direction of rotation by earth hemisphere using Coriolis force
  • high temperature range -50°C to +70°C / -22°F to 158°F
  • Video:

The construction of the wind turbine is designed for optimal load capacity of wind and PMG generator (1800W). For higher productivity required from PMG, it is necessary to enlarge the structure by algorithmic calculations and tests. If you are interested in more power and more efficient PMG, please contact us. In this case, it will be an individual order, not mass production!


The most expensive, most complicated and most technical part of the system.

Were used latest  algorithmic control electronics for maximum use of turbines in low wind.


  • axial flux permanent magnet generator
  • built into the construction of the turbine
  • protected against rain and snow
  • 3 phase / star connection / AC
  • output power 1800W
  • temperature range -30°C to +70°C / -22°F to 158°F


  • control regulator of the charging voltage for GWL battery
  • voltage converter from AC to DC - 12V
  • charging algorithm even at low wind - 1,2m/sec (3.9FPS)
  • automatic braking in high wind
  • braking when battery is fully charged
  • DUMP LOAD (additional R ballast)


  • controls the min/max charging voltage of the GWL battery
  • automatic charge control for each element of the GWL battery
  • controls discharge capacity for maximum durability of GWL battery


  • voltage converter from DC 24V to AC 220V/50Hz (EU), 110V/60Hz (US)
  • output power 2,4kW/220V
  • at low battery automatics switches to Grid (auto BYPASS to GRID)
  • 2x socket AC 220V (EU) / 2x socket AC 110V (US) / IP 66
  • safety standard IP66 (against running water)


  • All electronics including battery is placed in a separate control box
  • IP66 SCHRACK / Germany
  • Color: grey


Battery LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate battery) - a powerful industrial battery pack.

The latest technologies of storing electrical energy of VAWT OFF-GRID (island) systems:


  • completely safe: no burns, not explodes, does not contain liquid electrolyte
  • capacity 12V/90Ah
  • in the basic set 4 batteries
  • connetcion 2x serial / 2x parallel
  • output voltage 24V / 180Ah, 4,32kW (at 100% charge)
  • equivalent to 720Ah compared to lead-acid battery 12V/180Ah
  • fully depletable
  • temperature range -30°C to +70° / -22°F to 158°F
  • low self-discharge rate (<3% per month)
  • long life min.10 years
  • number of operating cycles in case of properly regulated charging about 8,000 (more than 20 years)
  • suitable for everyday charging and discharging home appliances

The average electricity consumption in one household (4 people) per day is about 6,4 kWh (2,350kWh/year). The battery of this system is suitable for high current loads such as: electric cooker, electric kettle, electric tools, etc. In case of constant active wind charging, system allows connection of boilers, heaters, washing machines or electric charge. In the absence of wind and low battery, system (Changer) automatically switches to the VES (public grid) - AUTO BYPASS.

Plan by yourself what and how connect on the "wind energy" in your house (building). There are 3 options to connect VAWT to the building. The first two use the BY PASS function. If the batteries are discharged and there is no wind, the system will automatically connect your house to classic GRID.

  • connect existing GRID to the switchboard VAWT and then to your object (ON-GRID with the possibility of BY PASS)
  • leave the existing GRID in your object and create a parallel "wind energy" (ON-GRID with the possibility of BY PASS)
  • connect only "wind energy" from VAWT to your object (system OFF GRID)


What does the basic set VAWT include?

Basic set contains all the elements for installation and subsequent use VAWT by customer, about which was written above. If you for financial reasons do not wish GWL battery, the price will be lower (see Brochure). Installation not included to the price. Installation of the turbine and control box is the customer's responsibility. Guarantee for 24 months.

VAWT benefits:

  • Geometric efficient blade design stator / rotor.
  • The special shape of the stator without additional construction
  • Variable structure for installation in the terrain.
  • Modern control system of VAWT.
  • Returns yours investment 3x faster, than solar photovoltaic.

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