Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Development and production of wind generators (VAWT), with control electronics and storage of electrical energy in batteries.

You don't have access to the electricity grid? Do you want to use wind - an unlimited source of natural energy?

You have the opportunity to become self-sufficient - to heat water, turn on the heaters, air conditioning or charge the battery in an electric car, and all because of the wind.

Using the wind, which is much more regular than the sun over the year - returns yours investments faster, than solar photovoltaic. The wind blows even at night!



A wind turbine is designed for maximum use even of the weakest wind. It has more effective air outflow from the inside of the turbine, because of the open upper and bottom parts, and there is no an accumulation of the air inside the construction. Generally, the speed of the inlet air must be faster than the output. In locations with rain or snow, the upper part of the turbine may be closed. Bent stator blades provide high stability of the construction and because of its shape "directs" air to the rotor blades. Because of this design, it wasn't necessary to use supplemental support frame.

Benefits VAWT in comparison to a propeller wind generators:

  • independent of the direction of the wind
  • higher efficiency than the propeller blades
  • works even in turbulence
  • visually pleasing appearance and rotation of the blades
  • quiet or almost minimal acoustic noise
  • movement of the blades even in low wind 0.1m/sec (0.32FPS)
  • turbine construction is resistant to gale 160km/h (100MPH)
  • designed for mounting on mast, straight or saddle area
  • design: aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass
  • design life: at least 20 years
  • direction of rotation by earth hemisphere using Coriolis force
  • half design against vane turbines, with the same power

Installation and mounting options of the VAWT turbines is according to the requirements of each customer:

  • on a plane level using 4 pieces of handles and leveling feet to fix screws
  • set the design on the bottom flange consolidate on a steel pipe and fix in concrete
  • set the design without handles straight to the support surface of the object



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